The Big Score

Reality - Development

BIG SCORE is an 8 one hour episode competition series/lifestyle show that exposes the intense and eccentric world of the high-stakes horse racing gambler. Big Score follows the emotional highs and lows and the unique lifestyles of the men and women who make their living betting on horses. 

BIG SCORE does for horse racing what World Series of Poker did for poker; make the viewer at home believe that he or she can win at the track by watching and learning what betting on a horse race really entails and convincing them that they, too, can make the big score. BIG SCORE boosts the viewer's belief in his/her own betting strategies enforcing their dream that they, too, are ready to make their own BIG SCORE 

Chair 6

Reality - Development 

Chair 6 at Mammoth Mountain is the world-famous lift that takes snowboarding’s finest to the drop off the half pipe and downhill excitement. Now it’s also the start of a fresh, exhilarating down hill ride with the edgiest, hungriest and most off-beat riders in snowboarding as we follow them throughout the West Coast competition circuit, the Colorado Mountains and onto Stowe in Vermont as they search for the perfect ride and the ultimate thrill. 

Chair 6 follows 6 semi-pro riders as they live together in a shared house in Mammoth, California, travel to competitions throughout the United States on a bus and watch them compete against other snowboarders, all looking for the one perfect ride and the sponsorship that allows them to live the lifestyle they’ve chosen. It’s an intense 4 month, intimate look at the lives of up and coming extreme athletes and what it takes to make it. 

Princess of the Pole

Reality - Development

Princess of the Pole, the Search for Exotic Dance Royalty, is a 4 part reality series that details the search for Los Angeles’ next top exotic dancer. The dance competition pits twelve women vying for a substantial cash prize and a leading role in an upcoming film or television series. 

A well-known exotic dancer/adult star, who will host the series, and a group of industry judges, audition and interview exotic dance contestants. The contestants are the chosen from a videos submitted as audition tapes and from a live casting session held in various cities. These final twelve will compete in series of dance challenges; including creative use of the pole, sensuality, personality, dancing ability, creative stripping, costume and overall sexiness. In addition to the contest, the series examine the behind the scenes world of exotic dancing. The intent is not only to find the next great exotic dancer, but also to give insight into the personalities and life styles of the women involved in the profession.

The initial regional orientation for the program allows the same 4 show series to be created in various cities, such as Chicago, New York, Miami and Las Vegas, as well as international cities such as Paris, London, and Tokyo. All leading to a grand finale where all the regional winners compete against each other for the grand prize and title of the World’s Greatest Exotic Dancer.