Danni's Tales

Television - Completed

Danni’s Tales is a 6 part television series, shot in High Definition video, featuring Danni Donkey, a dynamic human and host. Danni and her class of energetic kids travel the world on entertaining and educational expeditions learning about unique animals and the world they live in. From felines to frogs, bears to bats this fun live action/animated series this series uses singing, dancing and fun animation to tell compelling stories for children ages 1-5. Through these engaging half-hour adventures, young viewers are introduced to Danni’s eccentric friends(extraordinarily talented musical performers, mostly animated characters) help tell tales and sing songs about the animals so important to our ecosystem. Youngsters can’t seem to get enough of watching Danni’s Tales and early focus groups provide evidence of their strong desire for more of Danni and her friends.



Feature Film - Development

MARISOL, a young Latina, and the ranch foreman’s daughter, rescues a misunderstood horse that she names CANELA, from an untimely trip to the pet food factory. She’s helped by NICK, the ranch owner’s son, who’s secretly in love with her. Marisol rides Canela when no one is awake, flying through the woods and jumping downed trees and fences as if they were not there. Unknown to her, she’s seen on one of her very early morning rides by the Bryan’s horse trainer, FIONA.  Fiona recognizes her extreme talent and decides to train Marisol, much to the displeasure of CLAIRE, Nick’s sister, her friends and VICTORIA, Clair and Nick’s mother. Marisol, with Nick beside her, overcomes prejudice, sabotage, her own stubbornness and very long odds to find out where she belongs in this new world not usually attainable by a mere ranch foreman’s daughter. 

This coming of age love story is told with song and music, ala High School Musical. With its music, great visuals and compelling love story Marisol is an exciting film for the tween market.